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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Yukudemy - Instructor's perspective (2nd-edition)

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Sunday, 24 May 2020

This article is a compilation of commonly asked questions about the Yukudemy learning platform. The article focuses on the instructors. I hope by reading this article it can help you make a proper decision on whether to publish your courses on the platform or to not do so. I also try my level best to talk from my experience and perspective. Good reads!

Preface to the 2nd edition.

The earlier edition of this article tried to answer various questions that might be posed by old and continued instructors. Some of these answers have remained unchanged meanwhile others have been modified to fit the current state of Yukudemy E-learning platform in terms of both product evolution and the policy updates by the Yukudemy core team.

Some sections have been greatly expanded while others have been reduced. Some sections have been completely rewritten especially those that were affected by the advent of Yukubank. New sections have also been asked. These new sections have been added to cater to changes in the Yukudemy E-learning platform such as the introduction of new features like reviews, standard private academy, etc.

Before FAQ

Hello yukudemian or okay, the future yukudemian, amidst tight schedules, I thought it helps a lot if I stole some time and tried to respond to the commonly asked questions about Yukudemy, especially those asked by the Yukudemy instructors or okay, those who would want to become Yukudemy Instructors. From experience, many have groomed fear in themselves about the usage of Yukudemy. And as is likely the case, a few get down to read Yukudemy’s terms and conditions. Therefore this article should serve to make you understand what game you are getting yourself involved in before you even step a foot in. A small puff about me, I am also an instructor at Yukudemy and I train on computer programming and my courses focus on Python3.6+ programming. For the case of your interests, you can check out some of them from the listing below.

  1. Python for humans
  2. Introduction to web development with python3..6+ and flask
  3. Python in 3 days
  4. more courses by me

I’m also currently the Lead designer of all Yukudemy family of applications and the Chief Executive Officer of Yukudemy Limited. With that said, let’s start with the first question.

What’s Yukudemy?

Yukudemy is an Open E-learning Platform (OELP), where you can publish your pieces of training at no cost. Yukudemy was developed so that those who want to train online can do so with no (or minimal) investment in setting up their platform(s).

Do I need to have an academic degree to put my pieces of training on yukudemy?

Not having an academic degree is not a crime and doesn’t decide your ability to train or teach another human. At the same level of argument, having an academic degree is not also a crime. If you know the subject very well or you have mastered some skillsets you should get to Yukudemy and put your pieces of training. Meanwhile, there are also lots of folks who are training kinds of stuff like crafts making, beauty, and lifestyles, counseling, and philosophy. So the focus should be on yourself: how much you know about the subject or topic to serve as a trainer, mentor, or educator.

However, it is advisable for courses covering primary and secondary school topics, the instructor is a professional teacher to build confidence in the learner about the worthiness of what is being consumed.

How do I train or teach on Yukudemy?

The main mode of training is through videos. You can check out the preview videos of other courses and see how the instructors make their videos. Besides videos, you can write online notes (and attach them to the videos). You can also optionally supplement your videos by uploading files. Accepted file formats are PDFs and ZIP files. Note that there’s no limit to the number of files that you can upload; however, the file size is limited to 5 MBs.

Does yukudemy price my courses?

Yukudemy is an open learning platform, and that means that Yukudemy doesn’t dictate the pricing of your course. You get to decide how much you want to put your pieces of training. Though yukudemy recommends some pricing schemes in her terms and conditions, they are just recommendations?.

Can I change my course pricing?

Yes, you can change your price any time you wish. Note that if you can no longer set your course to be free, and this happened due to the introduction of a standard private academy. Therefore if you want your courses to be free please subscribe to a standard private academy.

So where does Yukudemy gain out of my course?

Very true! Yukudemy is not an NGO, Yukudemy will take 40% from any purchases made on your course. You take 60%.

And how do my learners get to pay for my courses?

Yukudemy supports thirteen(12) currencies and these include the following

  1. Euros (EUR)
  2. Ghanaian Cedi (GHS)
  3. Kenyan shillings (KES)
  4. Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  5. Pound Sterling (GBP)
  6. South African Rand (ZAR)
  7. Tanzania Shillings (TZS)
  8. Ugandan Shillings (UGX)
  9. United States Dollar (USD)
  10. Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)
  11. Rwandan franc (RWF)
  12. Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)
  13. West African CFA franc (XOF)

Therefore this means that people can get to purchase your courses from all over the world. And they can use the channels available in their countries such as mobile money, debit cards, direct bank wiring, etc.

So how do I get paid?

You get paid through Yukubank. With Yukubank you can withdraw your course sales earnings using the payment method available in your country be it mobile money or Bank.

Does Yukudemy own my courses once I publish them on yukudemy?

No, Yukudemy doesn’t own your courses. What yukudemy is doing is to provide you with a platform and not to own your course in return. You own your course and you can go ahead and market your course to your audience and decide how you want your course syllabus to be structured. However, if you need help on how to set up your first course, Yukudemy’s support team is always ready to help you out and give you the best guide at a free cost. 

How do I become an instructor?

Simply apply for instructorship. To do so, create an account with Yukudemy from here. Then after registering, you can sign in to your account. Once you are in your account, click on your name/photo (at the top right of your view) and click on “apply for instructorship” (in the dropdown), From there, you can follow the prompts.

How do I make my videos?

This depends on your piece of training. Computer programming or computer basics/usage courses can be done through screen recording plus optionally use of activePresenter for some presentation. For those whose courses require live capture such as school subjects, pieces of training on crafts, etc, you will have to get a good camera – even many instructors have been using their phones, but in this case, ensure that your phone has some good cameras as is mostly the case with modern smartphones. For videos that need editing, I recommend Openshot, which is free and easy to learn without requiring much multimedia knowledge.

How do I get to talk to my students?

Yukudemy provides yukuforum for each course published on the platform. It is through yukuforums that you get to have discussions with your students and answer their questions, and help unstuck them. It’s also where the students themselves hold their discussions. Note that as the instructor you are the administrator and moderator of your course’s yukuforum.

Does everyone see all the discussions in my course’s yukuforum?

Not at all! Only you and those enrolled for your course get to see the discussions, ask questions, and respond to questions posed by a yukuforum member. Even Yukudemy team doesn't get to see them (the discussions) if they are not enrolled in the course. Of course, the exception to this is when Yukudemy is doing internal auditing or responding to some reported violation of codes of conduct of a yukudemian.

How do I assess my learners?

For now, you can use the course's Yukuforum; however, Yukudemy is working on the Open Exams Platform (OEP). I can't tell when it is going to be out. With this platform, you will be able to properly handle the assessment of your learners.

I see previews and reviews, how are they different?

A preview is simply a video that the instructor puts so that the learner optionally watches them first before enrolling for his or her course. This is to reduce refunds and to ensure that the learner is enrolling for the course of his or her taste. Meanwhile, reviews are feedbacks from the learners who have already enrolled for a given course. Through reviews, learners can share their experiences with those who have not yet enrolled for a given course, and this can equally serve as a guide and an assessment for those who want to enroll for a given course.

Who are the one's building and maintaining Yukudemy?

Yukudemy is being constantly built and maintained by Yukudemy Limited, an engineering company registered in Uganda, with physical offices in Arua, West Nile (Ewuata T/c). Yukudemy Limited is also the company behind other families of platforms such as yukusite (On which you are probably reading this article), yukudemy enterprise, QueBee, poetry grotto, bookerpillar and services like Yuku village

I also believe in open education, can I donate some monies to Yukudemy Limited so that they build more open platforms for humans?

Yes, of course, you may be the missing link?. Yukudemy was started and continues to be managed by young men and women who strongly believe in open education. They wake up daily to see that the future of humanity is better by thinking of how to accelerate education amongst humanity. You can check on who to contact from here

That’s it. In case I never covered the question in the article, you can let me know in the comments so that I can add it to the article. Thanks for the concern.?

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Sunday, 24 May 2020

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