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Yukudemy's Refund Policy

#Yukudemy's Policies
Yukudemy Support Team

Thursday, 08 October 2020

All Yukudemians that in one way or the other do transactions through the Yukuwallet or by purchasing courses. there are mishaps that come due to circumstances that they can not control, and therefore, Yuukudemy does refund any monies that you need back after a transaction. Read this refund policy carefully and always come back after some time to see whether there are changes. The policy also appears as a link in the footer section of all Yukudemy applicatins












However, before you can apply for a refund, you must go through the following policies governing the refund of money.

1.       A refund can only be made within 48hours after purchase. a report after 48hours will not be valid for any refund.

2.       All refunds shall be made through Yukuwallet. Make sure to check out the records once you have applied for a refund within the 48hours after purchase.

3.       The refunded money is subject to transfer charges.

Refund specification

Money can only be refunded in the following occurrences;

a)       When reported within 48 hours.

b)      When a purchased course has no content.

c)       When a purchased course is incomplete and the instructor is not complying in completing the course.

Money can not be refunded in the following situations;

a)       When the purchased course videos cover more than Fifty Percent (50%) of the full coverage. This could just be reported to the support team so that content can be completed.

b)       When the report is made 48hours after purchase.


We assume you have read and understood the Yukudemy Refund policy; you can now go-ahead to apply for a refund.


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Yukudemy Support Team

Thursday, 08 October 2020

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