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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Yukuwallet donations

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Yukudemy Support Team

Saturday, 24 October 2020

With the new extension of Yukuwallet to accommodate donations (Yukuwallet donations), a lot of questions have been asked by the Yukudemy community and organizations that deemed the application helpful but needed more information pertaining to Yukuwallet donations. In this article, we shall answer some of the critical questions surrounding Yukuwallet donations.

We do acknowledge that humans by nature tend to love, use or promote, and be comfortable with what they understand, which gives Yukuwallet donations no exceptions. Yukuwallet donations stems from Yukuwallet.

Wait a minute, Yukuwallet is appearing in all sentences, right? A basic understanding of the wallet seems pivotal to answering most of the questions relating to the donations extension.

So, what is Yukuwallet?

The basic concept is really simple - Yukuwallet just serves as a place to hold your money online. You make payments, withdraw, deposit, and collect your earnings from Yukudemy online applications (e-learning platform, Yukusite, etc.) using your wallet, which means your bank account may not need to be accessed directly but you can transfer the money from your wallet to the bank and vice versa.

Much as we would both love to explore Yukuwallet further in other directions, diving into details of the donations extension isn’t any deviation. 

Alright! What is Yukuwallet donations?

Yukuwallet donations is a fundraising platform developed and maintained by Yukudemy limited. It is an extension of Yukuwallet as already hinted. With Yukuwallet donations, an organization can easily collect monies inform of donations for a cause that matters in their surroundings, from individuals and companies.

Organizations can create different campaigns or pages for any cause. These campaigns can be shared with any social media platform by anyone and with simple clicks. Anyone can donate using Yukuwallet balance, mobile money, and card.

With Yukuwallet donations, all donations are deposited in your wallet and you can transfer it to your bank account or mobile money when the need arises.

That’s it. Simple! right? There is a lot more to know about the donations extensions, so let’s continue.

Why Yukuwallet donations?

Historically, through yukuvillage department, we directly used Flutterwave donation links for our clients. Our clients are people for whom we have designed and developed websites. Over time below are the issues that arose.

Our clients couldn’t use Flutterwave without a developer alongside. When there was an issue with payments, our clients couldn’t easily follow up on these issues on their own.

The donation links were not easily discoverable by the client’s community unless one visited their websites. It was hard for our clients to share their fundraising campaigns on social media since Flutterwave’s donation pages don’t have share with social media buttons. In a few words, FLUTTERWAVE DONATION LINKS WERE NOT BENEFITING OUR CLIENTS AS WE THOUGHT.

Sometimes organizations miss out on some donors because they feel embarrassed to send 10 dollars or less through western union. This can as well be extended to the locals and the people who may not be aware of the campaigns, because of lack of exposure to these campaigns amongst locals yet they could be readily available and accessible through social media platforms.

So what did we do?

We built an easy to use wrapper around Flutterwave so that you get the best out of fundraising campaigns, and you will enjoy the following when you get to use our fundraising tool.

  • Create multiple donation pages for various causes that your organization is currently pursuing.
  • Each page has social media share buttons, meaning you can easily share your campaign with your social media.
  • It’s not only you who shares, but any of the persons from the Yukudemy community who picks interest in the cause that you are fundraising for can equally share your campaign page with his or her social media community.
  • You not only receive donations through mobile money and cards, but you will also be able to receive Yukuwallet balances from Yukudemy community members.
  • Once you already know how to use Yukuwallet, then the only thing to learn is to create a donation page – No need for a complex setting.
  • Yukuwallet is mobile-friendly, meaning you can check your campaign performance every day anywhere you are without waiting got a PC.

Who is eligible to use Yukuwallet donations?

Anyone! Or organization that needs to fundraise for causes that matter in their communities.  As a nonprofit organization or an individual, you only need to apply for a merchant account, create campaigns, and start raising funds for any cause or issues in your community.

Why should I apply for a merchant account?

There you go!

Donation pages

You will be able to create donation pages. Through donation pages, you can collect some money from well-wishers. This is appropriate for NGOs and CBOs.

Individuals and associations can also start fundraising for important community causes such as raising money to...

  1.   buy books for orphans
  2. plant shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa)
  3. run wedding ceremony
  1. and many more

Patreon pages *Upcoming

Content creators can create Patreon pages for membership subscriptions so that they can concentrate on their craft. This allows content creators to earn a monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers, or "patrons".

Yukustore *Upcoming

You can create an online store for your business, and be able to display your products and sell them.

Your customers will also be able to pay you using Yukuwallet.

How can I apply for a merchant account?

To apply for a merchant account, your organization should have a Yukudemy account. Register now (Remember to use the organization’s relevant email, not your personal email)

You can then use the username (email) and password, that you used to create the account to sign in to your wallet. Click here to accomplish that.

Correct credentials will lead you to a dashboard that contains your deposits, withdraws, etc. On the dashboard, click on the first icon on the top left corner (next to the logo) of the page.

A side menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Navigate to MERCHANT, the last option in the list, and click on it.

Locate and click on the Apply for Merchant Account button on the page which is displayed. A modal with the application steps will be presented to you.


The Steps involved

One goes through three steps to complete the application process.

The first step (1 of 3)

Let’s choose the type of merchant. The current version only works for registered institutions but the next upgrade (very soon) will allow individuals and unregistered entities to raise funds for their respective causes.

The second step (2 of 3)

This is the step you will be required to fill in information about your business. These include;

Your business name, a description of what your business does, Selecting the industry of your business (Entertainment, Financial institution, etc.), And your business location as shown in the figure below.

The last step (3 of 3).

This final stage is quite simple. Upload the images of your Registration certificate, front and back sides of the applicant ID.

Save and wait for approval from the system administrator within 24 hours.

That’s it. Wait for approval and start creating donation campaigns.


How do I create donation campaigns?

Campaigns can be raising funds to renovate any infrastructure or to do something meaningful in your respective neighborhoods, schools, churches, farms, etc.

To create a donation campaign, your organization needs to have an approved merchant account in Yukuwallet. If you haven’t applied for a merchant account, check the procedure in the previous question (How can I apply for a merchant account?).

Sign in to your yukuwallet, using your yukudemy credentials. click Here

Correct credentials will lead you to a dashboard that contains your deposits, withdraws, etc. On the dashboard, click on the first icon on the top left corner (next to the logo) of the page. A side menu will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Navigate to MERCHANT, the last option in the list, and click on it.

You should be able to see the page in the figure below.

There is a lot of information on the page but let's stick to the creation process. Click on the Donation pages link. The link takes you to all the campaigns (pages) you have created.

Click on the button, New donation page to create a new donation page (or simply a donation campaign)

A self-descriptive form will be displayed for you to fill in. Sample is shown in the figure below.


Are there charges?

To be precise, 5% of the amount donated goes to Yukudemy’s wallet.

It’s cheap, right?

Of course! Yukuwallet donations was developed to reduce the costs (in terms of money and time) associated with the processes you would have followed to receive donations.

How much will be charged if I donated UGX 100,000?

Simple, let’s calculate.

5% = 0.05, obtained by dividing 5 by 100

Multiplying it by the amount donated, 0.05 x UGX 100,000 we get UGX 5,000.

That’s the charge, UGX 5,000

How about UGX 1,000,000?

Multiply the amount (UGX 1,000,000) by 0.05 (5%), and the charge is clear. UGX 50,000.

So, you mean I just need to multiply the amount by 0.05?

Oh! Yeah! But you don’t need to worry about that. The system does the mathematics and performs the necessary deductions before automatically depositing the money in your wallet.


That's it. If your question has not been answered, you are free to ask in your response.




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Saturday, 24 October 2020

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